All About KoHo Chain — A Strategic View

The next-generation inclusive high-performance privacy financial public chain based on side-chain technology

Koho Chain (KHC) is the next-generation inclusive finance (InFi) infrastructure based on blockchain side-chain technology and is the first high-performance privacy public chain that bridges the KHC side chain to the Ethereum ecosystem for large-scale commercial usage securely.

Understanding the challenges of long processing times, inaccessibility and lack of transparency, coupled with the risks that come with the traditional finance systems, KHC is committed to create a decentralized, inclusive financial ecosystem with a strong focus on privacy protection and security, which addresses the current pain points. By doing so, it will drastically lower the barriers of entry for users to become a part of the DeFi ecosystem to make secure transactions — users will only need a mobile phone connected to the Internet to get access to all the financial services.

By developing a tamper-proof, cutting-edge technical architecture which includes sharding, sub-chain expansion, state channel, online expansion, Koho Chain has achieved an impressive 100,000 transactions per second (TPS). At 100,000 TPS speeds, it would effortlessly support the key requirements of financial applications in real-world usage scenarios — high-speed and high frequency — giving KoHo Chain the capability to serve thousand times more users in each second compared to Ethereum.

KoHo Bridge — Connecting the Chains

By building KoHo Bridge, a bridge to connect the KoHo public chain to other public chains, KHC users can freely access the blockchain network of the EVM ecosystem, supporting the demanding financial transactional activity levels.

Financial applications will be designed as decentralized applications (DApps) on the KoHo public chain. Since DApps are computer applications that are designed to be open source, they are more resistant to attacks than traditional applications, ensuring that transactions remain highly secure on KHC.

DApps on KoHo public chain:

· Kend — a lending service in the KHC ecosystem that allows users to mortgage their digital assets to obtain loans. Through MarginSwap, a decentralized transaction protocol like any existing transaction agreement, allows traders to trade all kinds of assets with a leverage up to five times to support mortgage, spot and leveraged trading tokens in automatic market makers such as ProSwap.

· KoFo — KoFo, which is KoHo Forward, is a decentralized perpetual protocol that realizes asset transactions through virtual automated market makers (vAMM) for rapid protocol expansion and liquidity attraction.

· Keep Info Safe (KIS) — In the KoHo ecosystem, the KIS system protects sensitive information such as transaction data, addresses, and identities. At the same time, KIS system allows the accounting nodes to verify the legality of transactions.

· KDex — a decentralized cross-chain trading platform built on KoHo Bridge technology, supports a variety of mainstream digital assets with extremely high liquidity and high-value native assets of the public chain.

· Token Issue Platform (TIP) — a token issuance platform where anyone can quickly and easily issue an inclusive financial DApp and its value token.

· ProSwap — a liquidity mining platform based on AMM (Automated Market Maker) where users can obtain platform tokens — Pro by providing liquidity on the platform

KHC is set to drive the mass adoption of DeFi for large-scale commercial usage, evolving and pushing the boundaries of DeFi in real-world financial services and applications in a transparent and secure ecosystem that users can easily access anytime.